Huminska Dress shop opening

I fell in love with the Huminska Dress shop when I saw her stand at Grand Central Market at Christmastime one season about 10 years ago. After that I made it downtown to her store where I bought my wedding dress, rehearsal dinner dress, and at least 5 more dresses although not at the same time!  I love Huminska’s one of a kind dresses because they are so easy to wear and look incredible. I wore them while pregnant and still wear them now – they are timeless. Every year for her Winter sale, my husband and I, and now our two boys go downtown to Huminska and I usually end up with something beautiful. When I found out Huminska opened a new shop on Mott Street I was so excited. I always loved her logo – a Tiffany blue silhouette of a dress form. In my opinion it is the perfect logo – simple, elegant, classy – exactly like her dresses. So I had a great idea to make a cookie for her. My husband made the stencil for me and I drafted two cookies at first – one cookie in white frosting on a plain black cookie and one with a white background with a black dress. But then I had the inspiration to make the background the Tiffany blue to match her website and a black dress. I emailed a picture to the owner, Janice, and went downtown to present them to her. She loved them and I was so thrilled. I made 100 cookies for the opening of her store and got an incredible new dress! Thank you so much Janice for the opportunity!

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